Unsupervised clustering of ChIP profiles

CATCHprofiles is an tool for exploring patterns in ChIP profiling data. The CATCH algorithm performs a hierachical clustering of the profile patterns with an exhaustive alignment at each step. The algorithm has a user-friendly graphical interface that makes it easy for you to browse your results.

CATCHprofiles is open source and free to download and use under the General Public License. The CATCH project repository is hosted by bioinformatics.org. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to the CATCH-users mailing list.

If you use CATCHprofiles for your work, please cite our paper CATCHprofiles: Clustering and Alignment Tool for ChIP Profiles. Thank you.


Presentations and Examples

Questions and more info

CATCH has two mailinglists: 'CATCH-users' and 'CATCH-updates'. You can sign up for a mailing list by sending an email to [listname]-subscribe@bioinformatics.org. In reply to your email you will automatically receive a mail with instructions on how to use the mailinglist.

  • CATCH-users For all questions and suggestions related to CATCH.
  • CATCH-updates This list notifies its subscribers about new CATCH releases and features.


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